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I am still in the Kindergarten Club

One Fine Day, Stepleton collection

Like a lot of struggles, the solution may just be a simple one. Organization is so simple yet if you waste time not putting things in order, then it can be exhausting to catch up. In painting, you need to collect yourself everyday. Just by doing it at the same time makes you conscious of bold habits, effective prayer time at the easel, virtually setting your mind to tasks. Some painters have joined the virtual social breakfast club, checking e mail and facebook every morning at the same time. I am one of them. I see that what they are up to and take note of the time, so I am calling us the "Early Morning Painters Club." Then we go into our studio and work, sometimes making posts during breaks, sometime posting problems paintings or just "lookeehere what I am doing" posts.
I wonder if they are still in their pajamas. I have been know to do some great pajama paintings. 
Sometimes they post, "I am blank today, of ideas," then bingo sometimes kicks in, maybe after a walk. Creativity is endless, boundless, intensified by the doing. As the easel dance continues, idea and motifs form and give us clues to how to proceed. We can pat ourselves on the back after the day is ended and the wine is brought out. As I pour my glass, I wish I had a chart on my fridge like I had when my boys were little that contained gold stars for the doing of chores and tasks. I would give myself a red one today, very close the the old one of yesterday, just  for an extra connection to the end of a painting.
I now can go to my social page and write about the stimulation and excitement, the beautiful calmness, a connection to the history of the past artists and the other early morning creators. We are connected by the task of cleaning up, by the smell of turps and mediums and the welcome procession of creative joy, If we stay organized we can have our mind working in perfect harmony with creating and cleaning up and doing it all over again each day. Like Kindergarten, they teach you do do your tasks everyday the same, and you complete your tasks well.... so much then, it becomes mindless. It's a miracle these days we can can proceed, and it is worth the aloneness. Oh..... and membership is free to the club.

"Boldness has genius, power and magic. Engage, and the mind grows heated. Begin and the work WILL be completed." Goethe

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I love My Job

Be open to the process, "She's A Lady" was a gift for my from my subconscious. Making good art fills my days with appreciation.

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Being an artist painting for galleries and cruising shows to showcase the latest works is so rewarding. I have the best job. It took a long time to feel confident, a lot of personal self depricating agony, late nights worrying about why a piece would not work, but now that I have gotten older and wiser and make each day count, it is a happier time. One thing that age gives us is the ability to take it easy on yourself, make priorities and enjoy the process without putting pressure on the outcome. The outcome will get there, a painting has a life cycle just like a garden. It takes patience and letting go of circumstances that may deter growth and harvest. Mistakes happy accidents come as an opportunity to use toward a better result. The life is what is the reward, a creative daily appreciation.

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Bring On the Night, 35x30, Diebenkorn inspired


What is a collector of art? In my opinion it is more that the dollars to buy a significant piece of art. It is about abundance. ABUNDANCE meaning a gift to the self, or to the soul.  It is the desire to make a purchase toward an investment of the spirit, the artist’s creative spirit and the buyer’s acknowledgement of this symbiotic experience.  Not only a monetary investment, but an investment of your soul connecting with anothers. The buyer becomes connected to the artist, and harmoniously that connection lives in perfect balance in a space for a lifetime. Then when the time comes to be parted, the effort must be made from the owner to place it.... or will it.... to heirs, or perhaps place it into another hand, a professional art dealer. There are planners or consultants out there that can help place valuable collections in precise order for their value and provenance. I worry about the people who purchase art to match their decor, when in fact a Monet or Picasso may be dwelling right there in their living room without their knowing. No one knows how valuable or famous an artist will be after time has passed, so collectors need to be wise about its careful planning for their art. I have a collector friend who says, “It only hurts once to buy quality.” Her pocketbook diminishes only a fraction compared to her soul lifting with abundance. Karen

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Come Away with Me, 30x40

Come Away with Me, 30x40 for the July show in Charleston

The beach was dear to me as a youth. This painting of light and textures of the ocean brings me home. A painter's job is to create memories on canvas and the feeling of place and time. This one is for my July 20 Year Journey Show in Charleston at Ella Richardson Fine Art. I hope a collector appreciates my space and time there.

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